Cutthroat Yarn

Because knitting is a cutthroat business

Swatch you gonna do?

Jeanette Ward1 Comment

I am sitting here staring at my cowl and thinking about how much I a) love this pattern and b) how sick I am of knitting it. 

Today, I have had more progress made on everything else in my life EXCEPT this cowl.  I finished spinning yarn, crochet some hearts, wound stray skeins, brushed out Snugglebunny, and started this blog post.  But, I only finished 2 rows of this cowl.  I am at that delicate point in the project where if I don't finish it soon, it will make its way to the graveyard of unfinished projects. 

Ugh, the graveyard of unfinished projects is a lonely plastic tub in the backroom of the store.  It's the home to all my sad disappointments and unswatched projects.  The next time you are thinking about not making a swatch, come talk to me.  I will pull out the beautiful felted scarf project that shrank to a wide, short nightmare.  Or, you can take a peak at the baby hat I made that was too small for anyone, including a baby squirrel.  Besides swatching (or lack thereof) issues, I have some truly deplorable handspun skeins from my early days.  I should just toss it all out.  Start fresh.  No more projects haunting me.  But, I kind of like having the examples back there.  It reminds me to take my time, check my gauge, and follow the pattern.  

Well, at least I could try and make an honest effort to not add to the bin.  I will finish this cowl.