Cutthroat Yarn

Because knitting is a cutthroat business

Keep it Local

Jeanette WardComment

Can I just say that I love Cutthroat Yarn?  I love meeting new people every day with a new project in mind, and helping them pick out the most perfect yarn for their project.  I love the people who just dipped their tow back into knitting after a significant absence.  Most of all, I love teaching new skills and techniques to the optimistic, soon-to-be fiberholics.  The looks on their faces are so innocent, not really knowing what kind of addiction they are getting into.

Because I love this store so much, I feel it is my duty to pitch the importance of shopping local.  Of course, there is so much temptation to buy online.  I get it.  We can't possibly carry every fiber and colorway of every yarn ever made.  No one can.  And, sometimes it is cheaper.  They don't have the overhead and they certainly don't have to pay the handsome male model (Mr. Cutthroat) to work the store.  But, know that every time you opt to buy online, it hurts the LYS. 

The LYS is the backbone to the fiber industry.  In a brick and mortar store, you can come in, see the color, feel the fiber for the squishiness factor, and get advice on what's best.  If you like having somewhere to come to ask questions, if you like having a place for sit and knit, and if you like having a place where you can come and touch and feel, shop local. 

This concept is more and more at the forefront of my mind since becoming a business owner.  I do everything I can to keep it local.   I can honestly say that I don't even have an Amazon account.   Even as a yarn store owner, with real access to all the goods, I still shop at the LYS in every single place I visit.  And, I know some of you talk about a crazy stash, but my stash is literally a yarn store.  But, I want to support as many places as I can.  And, I urge you to do the same.  So continue to patronize the LYS wherever you are and keep us small folks in business.