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So Over It

Jeanette WardComment

Every winter, I struggle with constant weather complaining.  I work hard to keep my intense dislike for Punxsutawney Phil in check.  I try so hard to be upbeat, but around this time every year, I just want sun and birds and light jackets and lemonade and flowers and... 

I spend all year basically knitting for these chilly temps.  Fiber arts as a hobby was made for the winter.  I make gloves, hats, cowls, cozy socks all to prepare for winter.  But, I just detest the bone chilling winds and the brown mush that has been hastily piled up around town.  And, I haven't knitted long underwear yet.  So, while my head, neck, hands and feet are feeling fine, it is the middle part of my body that has been left wool-less.  I need a onesie, a really cute one with stripes!  On second thought, while a onesie is super adorable on children, I am not sure it would have the same effect on a middle aged woman.  I would end up looking like a crazy person with too much time on their hands and a husband who can't say, "no, that is NOT cute!"  I'll stick to the cute accessories and leave the onesies to the cute children. 

But seriously, no one ever says, "I'm sick of all these birds and flowers!  I want to be freezing to the point where my extremities go numb!"  And, I used to think I needed all 4 seasons in my life.  Now, I am not so sure.  Every year, as I advance in age, Florida is looking better and better.  I would just need to move more towards knitted bathing suits...  Ew.  Maybe not.