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The thing about gifts is...

Jeanette Ward1 Comment

There are two types of people in the world:  those who appreciate handmade gifts, and those who don't.  I'm pretty sure if you are reading this, you are in the camp of highly appreciative people.  Otherwise, maybe you just really like reading blogs about crafting?

We've all been to an estate sale or an auction where you see an intense tatted tablecloth, you just KNOW was handmade.  And, it is always in the box marked $2.  Someone's grandmother is totally haunting them for that move.  As much as I adore handmade gifts, a lot of folks are wired for that.  You would never find something given to me placed in a bargain bin.  And, I have to say I "mostly" adore handmade gifts.  I don't want Mr. Cutthroat to read this, thinking that he's going to knit me something for my birthday. 

At this very moment, I have the start of a beautiful baby sweater on my needles.  I am making it for one of my very best friends and her baby due later this year.  I don't put in this time and effort for everyone in my life.  There are always those in our life who will inevitably enrage us fiber artists by never wearing what we make them, carelessly washing a cashmere scarf, or even worse, asking for some 12 skein sweater in black.  (The latter being my all time worst nightmare.  And, everyone who has been in Cutthroat Yarn knows my deep affection for color.)   

But, I will say that there is such great joy in making beautiful garment for someone who truly appreciates it.  In most cases, I'd rather knit for someone who appreciates it, than knit for myself.  Except socks.  I only make those for myself.  No one appreciates socks.