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The Old Grey Mare

Jeanette WardComment

Recently, I feel like I am really starting to feel my age.  I wake up early, I only wear sensible shoes, and I've started really appreciating quiet restaurants.  My brother has been pointing out that, besides knitting, I have been taking interest in a lot of new "old lady" hobbies.  So what if I like making jam?  So what if I am enrolling in a pottery class in spring?  I am embracing this new old me.  The soles of my shoes are an inch thick to prevent planters faciitis and you know what?  It is super comfy.  And, I have been really delighting in mapping out my small backyard garden.  Being an old lady is just the best. 

This old lady lifestyle is really a contrast to the wild child persona that I had until about 7 years ago.  And, we don't even want to ask those who knew me in college to chime in on the subject.  I guess after everything, I am lucky to have made it out of my 20s alive.  That gives me every right to say, I'm going to check out the local news with a cup of tea, put on my robe, and read a book. 

Mr. Cutthroat is already well suited to being an old man and I think he looks at my hobbies with comfort.  He knows that I'm not coming home with hiking gear for Mt. Everest.  He can relax in his chair without the worry of roping him into something loud, fast, or uncomfortable. 

Mid-thirties is the best.