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You're a Mean One

Jeanette WardComment

I tried to hold off as long as I possibly could.  I waited as long as everyone else would possibly let me.  Until today.  Today was the day that the Christmas music came on at Cutthroat Yarn.  I would like to point out that Christmas is my all time favorite holiday.  Ok, Christmas is my second favorite holiday behind my birthday.  But, I'm not allowing for my all consuming love of Halloween.  Ok--Christmas is up there, easily up there in the top 3. 

I have a lot of Christmas traditions that I have held on to despite Mr. Cutthroat's bah humbug nature.  And. I am not trying to adopt his Grinch philosophy.  But, one person can only hear "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" so many times before you want to jam knitting needles in your holly jolly ear drums.  I think the problem is that there are only so many Christmas songs.  New artists just release a Christmas album without the real work of finding songs or writing new ones.  (And, really, do we need the Crash Test Dummies writing Christmas music?)  That's why I have heard "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby, The Glee Cast, Lady Gaga, Andrea Bocelli, and Rockapella today.  (By the way, Rockapella needs to only exist in Carmen Sandiego land.)  That's just today.  Tomorrow, it will be another all day "White Christmas" a-thon with 20 other artists. 

And, the live versions!  Don't even get me started with the live versions!  Does anyone even enjoy a live version of anything?  Take Christmas totally out of the equation.  Is anyone every sitting in their car saying, "Gee, I really love this Adele song.  But, you know what would make it better?  If she points the microphone at the crowd and we listen to cheering for 20 seconds in the middle!"  No!  That person doesn't exist. 

So, fa la la la la at Cutthroat Yarn before it gets old! 

What's on my hook:  Coffee cup sleeve with left over yarn ends