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Disappointed, in a Tube Top

Jeanette WardComment

Christmas always gets me in a crafty mood, like crafty for myself--rarely for others.  When people are busy making things for handmade gifts, I can't help but think how awesome that would look on me. 

So far this season, I have finished a sweater (for myself), finished two CTY club kits (for myself), and started a crochet scarf (for myself).  I can barely finish a tiny pair of mitts for my son and it is 22 degrees outside.  I kept thinking last night that I could easily just go buy a pair because I was interested in starting these cute beaded gloves I found a pattern for in last year's Vogue Knitting Holiday Edition (for myself). 

Now, I do want to go on record and say that I do love the season of giving and all that comes with that.  But, sometimes people just don't understand the work that goes into a knitted project.  So, I just prefer to give the gift of something I buy, not make.  There's nothing worse than someone opening a handmade cowl and the look on their face shows they are trying to process why you would knit them a tube top.  It's not worth it. 

What's on my needles:  Two mittens attached with an i-cord in Cutthroat Yarn Minis DK