Cutthroat Yarn

Because knitting is a cutthroat business

Cutthroat Yarn and Felted Menagerie

Jeanette WardComment

I have to decide on a knitting project today.  I keep waffling between mittens for my brother, smittens for me and my husband, and a sweater for Baby Cutthroat.  But, as I procrastinate on picking a project, I just keep finding more things to felt.  This store is one more felted animal away from turning our official name into Cutthroat Yarn and Menagerie. 

I have been obsessed with making little animals lately.  I made a koala the other day for my MIL and I found that no matter what I did to his face, he looked angry, like claw your face off angry.  When I tried to make a little eucalyptus branch for him to hold, it looked like a weapon.  But, the ultimate reward was when I showed my brother my koala.  He instantly knew what it was supposed to be.  Success!

What's on my needles:  Felted elephant