Cutthroat Yarn

Because knitting is a cutthroat business

Never Say Never

Jeanette Ward

Today's post is a bittersweet one. 

Three years ago this week, I was faced with the daunting and exciting task of building a fiber arts community from an empty gray room.  I took the leap of faith, quit my day job, and jumped head first into a colorful pile of wool. 

And, as I coaxed my family into the fray, they gave me the support I needed to grow Cutthroat Yarn.  Before I knew it, we were open for business and our circle began to grow.  We met some great people, who would grow to be friends. 

As we grew, we started to see that the yarn I was dyeing for the store as a hobby, ended up being the most popular skeins in the store.  So, with that, Mr. Cutthroat set out to expand our line.  And, did he ever!  This year, we expanded to 25 stores across the country. It's an incredible amount of work to maintain a yarn store and a yarn line.  But, it's work I love. 

This week we were given the opportunity to let go of our retail space.  Our family thought about the ultimate goals and direction we wanted to take Cutthroat Yarn.  We considered the future of yarn and how people are shopping more and more online.  After a lot of waffling (some crying), we decided to close our retail space to focus exclusively on our yarn line.  

While we are sad to see this chapter end, we are excited to see where this takes us.  But, I am no stranger to jumping head first into something strange and unfamiliar.  And, I am lucky to have Mr. Cutthroat who will follow me anywhere. 

We hope that you will stop in before we close up shop on March 1st.  And, we hope that you will continue to visit our retailers and our online store.