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Welcome to My Carb Palace

Jeanette WardComment

I have officially entered midlife crisis mode. 

I'm not buying a fancy new sports car, nor have I procured a hot new boy toy.  (The former sounds too expensive and the latter sounds more like work.)  Instead, I have turned our house into a food factory.  Once I made the goat cheese and it was edible, my brain. just. exploded.  I proceeded to make french bread, more noodley shaped noodles, a giant cake, jelly, and tortillas--all in the same week.  The highlight of this all was tracking down and buying a literal tub of lard for my tortillas.  Mr. Cutthroat thinks I am trying to kill him when I bust out the tub of lard.  But, I say, "ah, just take some Lipitor, and call it a day!" 

I am just having fun experimenting in my kitchen on all the things that pop into my head.  That's the good part about winter.  Make some bread, make some mittens.  Force feed your husband some cheese, force yourself to finish that hat.  Winter is definitely good for my midlife crisis.  And, if I keep eating lard, the end will be a lot nearer. 


What's on my needles:  Pussy Hat Project in CTY Worsted in colorway Pussy Galore