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Sleep When You're Dead

Jeanette WardComment

Well, it is truly becoming a reality!  The store is starting to downsize (although, the Cutthroat Yarn is adding as the other yarn flies away).  We had an amazing time on our last adventure to the Cincinnati area.  We visited Main Street Yarns in Mason, Ohio and Knitwits in Crescent Springs, Kentucky.  Both shops were so much fun and a real joy.  Doing trunk shows is the single best part of doing this yarn line.  We get to travel and spend time in places we normally wouldn't find ourselves.  And, we get to meet so many awesome crafters.  I love getting a new perspective on our colors and bases.  The downside is coming home with a 1,000 ideas for new colors and new projects (or new jelly flavors).  Mr. Cutthroat doesn't even have time to breathe before I am talking him to death with new ideas for trunk show travel. 

On this trip, we went to the Underground Railroad Museum and narrowly escaped a field trip at the Taft Childhood Home.  Whenever we travel, we are always a little heavy into the historical sites.  Mr. Cutthroat is into that sort of thing.  While I, on the other hand, really like factory tours.  (It's my secret shame, but I will tour any factory no matter what they make.)  But, if I can avoid a French and Indian war landmark (and subsequent lecture), I consider it a win. 

What's on my needles:  Rose Path Socks for CTY's Sock of the Month in colorway "Midnight in Paris"