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Me + Danish: An Affair to Remember

Jeanette WardComment

It's been (almost) a month.  Our storefront has been closed for almost a month and I mean it when I say, this month has sped by faster than anything I have imagined.  So far, we have done some amazing trunk shows across the country, which has afforded me the opportunity to eat breakfast in 6 states.  If any of you thought I was in this for the yarn, think again.  I'm here for the incredible cheese danish and tea in Southern Pines, NC.  Sure, Bella Filati Luxary Yarns was an amazing shop to spend the weekend.  But, its proximity to Broad Street Bakery was also key.  There are so many of those little gems that I have been hunting down in my travels.  Now, maybe I should write a breakfast book about all the danishes I eat.  Forget that, I want no such documentation about my danish intake. 

I have finally been able to find my way home over the last week.  It has been good to recharge and focus on some great new things we have coming down the pipeline.  Plus, we have a yarn of the month going out in the next couple weeks.  I have a lot to tend to on the homefront.  And, I am almost out of homemade jam.  After being on the road for this long, when you get home it is a major drag.  All the fun times come crashing down when you are tasked with laundry and stuffing your swimsuit in the drawer.  All those meals?  Now, you have to clean dishes.  You wake up in the morning and no one makes your bed for you.  Your trash can is full until you take it out yourself.  Damn, this place is a major drag.  Time to find a new destination!(Googling cheese danish + bakery + Cleveland) 

What's on my needles:  Geographer's Sweater in CTY DK colorway Go Robot!