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The Cat's Pajamas

Jeanette WardComment

What a summer!  Days are starting to wind down into cooler nights and our swimming options are slowing beginning to dwindle.  I really cannot complain.  This summer was very good to me and the Cutthroat Family.  I was able to take Baby Cutthroat to all the places he wanted to go (with the exception of Disney, because Florida in July is not my idea of a good time).  I've made it my mission to spend as much time with Baby Cutthroat as possible doing amazing things before school takes up all the time. 

On the days we aren't checking out something random, I have become one with my sewing machine.  It is really satisfying to make a dress.  It is so fast, well, fast for most.  I'm not exactly the speediest at this point.  I am still trying to make everything look good.  Right now, I have a lot of maxi dress pajamas.  It's not like I am particularly nuts for pajamas.  It's more that I don't feel confident that wearing them outside will not prompt whispers of, "um, did she make that?"  So, I prefer to restrict them to the confines of my home.  But, now it seems like my pajama wardrobe is becoming a little Hugh Hefner-y (in variety and number, this does not speak to any provocative nature of said jammies). 

All in all, this summer has been great.  We have been keeping busy and entertained.  As we move into fall, I feel like it is our last opportunity for air before we are trapped indoors for the winter.  I'm hoping to keep my dance card full and my brain active.  It's the only way I know!