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Hoarders: Buried Alive

Jeanette WardComment

I think we are almost out of the woods with winter.  I mean, we just "sprang forward" this week and that has to mean that warmer weather is around the corner.  Occasionally, very occasionally, I get into a crazy declutter frenzy where I like to get rid of everything we haven't used in a while.  This practice gets stuff out the door to another family or to the garbage.  I love going through and feeling like I have more space. 

Now, this is a great practice to get in the habit of doing on a regular basis.  But, it seems to be something that I am exclusively applying to everyone else's stuff.  My craft studio is a veritable nightmare of  stuff that needs "just one more thing."  Mr. Cutthroat will say, "what's up with this baby blanket?"  And, I will say, "oh, I have just one more thing to do to it."  I need to spring clean that room by mostly getting stuff out to their intended recipients.  Also, there is a lot of stuff that I need to toss.  *cough* silk cocoons *cough*  But, I just can't do it.  Now, if Mr. Cutthroat had a bucket of dried bugs that required more work than he was ever going to do to get something so small that it wasn't even worth the time, I would be fighting tooth and nail to throw them away.  But, to his credit, the silk worms are still in their crusty old bucket.  

My brain says toss it.  My craft soul says, "you'll do it someday!"  How can my brain ever overrule my crafting nature?  

If I just keep throwing misdirection his way, maybe I can just keep the clutter going.  Fat quarters?  Well, look at all your typewriters!  Spinning wheels?  Well, you have too many socks!  

Ugh, I do need to get rid of those worms.