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Always Be Making

Jeanette WardComment

If you follow our Cutthroat Yarn Instagram account, you know that I am in an internal struggle with myself to become the jack of all crafts.  As of late, I have been on a crazy sewing kick.  I'm quilting, embroidering, and basically going crazy with thread.  I am just obsessed with making things, much to Mr. Cutthroat's dismay.  

Now, as I get into sewing more and more, I am ready to tackle the next craft of the month.  Somehow, in all my fast talk and hard line convincing, I have gotten Mr. Cutthroat sold on the idea of getting a pottery wheel.  He's pretty easy going most of the time, but when it comes to putting more things into our house, he is a bit of a tough sell.  But, for some reason, he was easier to convince than usual.  So, I have either 1) worn him down, along with his ability to argue or 2) he's getting ready to drop some kind of bomb on me.  Obviously, I prefer option 1.  

Regardless, I will take the wheel.  Then, in 3 months, I'll be ready for glass blowing equipment.  Then maybe in a month after that, I will be entering my screenprinting phase.