Cutthroat Yarn

Because knitting is a cutthroat business

Get busy knitting.

Cutthroat Yarn began quite innocently as a pet project of owner Jeanette Ward.  As a knitter with a day job, Jeanette became more and more fascinated by the different yarns available on the market.  Jeanette would cruise local yarn shops and yarn festivals with the goal of expanding her collection of skeins.  Looking to express her crafty, artistic side, she decided to buy a spinning wheel to once and for all make the kinds of yarn she admired the most.  We've been bringing yarn to the scarf-crazed masses ever since.

The Cutthroat brand, originally handspun by owner Jeanette Ward, combines whimsical color with beautiful fibers with inspiration taken from everyday life.   Now, our focus is on our yarn line, born out of the retail space we once owned.  While most is not handspun, every bit of it is hand dyed.  We use the most luscious bases and vivid colors to bring your project to life. 

What's in a name?

With every new friend Cutthroat Yarn makes, the same question always comes up:  where did you get that name?  Cutthroat Yarn was born during owner Jeanette Ward's previous day job.  In explaining to management eventual plans for yarn domination, they threw out every possible pitfall and danger with owning a business.  Some were not applicable to the sweet yarn industry.  But, most were so outlandish, it lead a coworker to exclaim, "Wow!  I didn't realize knitting was such a cutthroat business!"  And, thus the name was born.